ESJBA Team Challenge Event – Sunday 30th April 2017

Now in its 3rd season ESJBA hosted its annual TEAM challenge event at the Hailsham Community College. The event was organised as a 4-way team competition in two age groups; U13 and U15-17. Badminton clubs from across Sussex were invited including Worthing Juniors, Lewes BC, Forest BC and St Johns BC. The event is styled on the NBL competition where each team of 6 (3 boys and 3 girls) plays one match against the other 3 teams with the result being decided as the best of 5 games – boy’s and girl’s singles, mixed doubles and boy’s and girl’s doubles. To increase the tension, the teams can use a “power play” shuttle to claim 2 points if they win a chosen point.

Teams played each match on a dedicated court with a volunteer umpire. This meant that players and supporters watching from the side lines could cheer on their respective team mates which really added to the atmosphere in the hall. Team coaches were allowed to motivate between ends and games and help players with tactics & choose when to play their power play shuttle.

The event as always provided some exciting and competitive badminton. In the U13 event, Worthing Juniors won all their matches and proved a little too strong for the other teams. In the U15-17 things were a little closer. The winners, ESJBA, won all their 3 matches, but two matches were won 3-2 with results hinging on a 5-4 win in the deciding end of the mixed doubles. Trophies were awarded to the winning clubs who will be asked back next season to defend their trophy! A special thanks to the coaches and helpers from WJ, St Johns, Forest and Lewes for their help on the day and making the event so enjoyable for the players involved.