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The end of a full successful season after the Covid epidemic was highlighted by Awards and Presentations presented by Chairman William Brown.  

The awards were:-

Group 1 Squad Player of the Year- Zhan Phoa

Group 2 Squad Player of The Year-Elsie Byrant

Group 3 Squad Player of the Year-Blake Hawkins

Overall Squad Player of the Year-Amber Seymour


There were two more very prestigious awards raised in honour of previous Committee Members. 

The Kevin Marquis Award went to Amber Seymour and the

Allen Gales Award went to Elizabeth Hutchinson.

Squad and Coaches


Group Squad Players of the Year- Tai Zhan Phoa, Elsie Byrant, Blake Hawkins, & Overall Squad Player of the Year-Amber Seymour


The Kevin Marquis Award went to

Amber Seymour

Allen Gales Award went to

Elizabeth Hutchinson


Felix Amber Zhan Hazel Connor Barnaby Lily


Ivan Alexander Blake Joshua Elsie Richard

Attendance and Performance Medals for all

Christmas Fun Day-Pictures


Blake at the Tinuy-an-Falls Badminton Club, Philipines



End of season 2021-2022 Fun Day & Presentations


Players Player of the Year Award Dylan Taylor



The Coaches Player of the Year Award Curtis Lynam

The Allen Gales Award


Amber with the Allen Gales Award


The Allen Gales Award Nominated across the three squads and marked on attendance, commitment, improvement and attitude. To: Amber Seymour


Heathfield Squad Group 1 Led by Head Coach Martin Bilton. two players that have shown great effort, enthusiasm and perseverance with learning badminton. Lily- May Josling and Leo Picton.


Heathfield Squad Group 2 Led by Head Coach Nigel Perry. Coaches player of the year – Amber Seymour


Most improved player – Roman Bitca


Hastings Squad led by Head Coach Sean Newberry. Players’ Player of the Year – Dylan Taylor.


Coaches Player of the Year – Curtis Lynam

All the group winners and squad awards recipients.



2021 – 2022

Heathfield Combined Squads



Hastings Squad with Assistant coach-Adam Newberry



Big Hit at Heathfield & Hastings

Latest Squad Pictures


Awards were presented by the Academy’s Chairman, William Brown to the Player’s Player of The Year (nominated by the other players) to Taegan Byroo, Player of the Year (nominated by the coaches) to Tom Napier (1st year with the squad) and as fun award the Congeniality Award, was made to Tristan Hyland, who had managed to keep the players and coaches smiling throughout this problematic year. Finally the Allen Gales Award went to Jacob Williams, for overall achievement, improvement, attendance and good attitude.

New – Beginners Squad at Bexhill


Successful start with all squads back at Heathfield, Bexhill and Eastbourne


Between the Lines


‘Chairman William Brown was invited to attend each of the Squads and made presentations at Bexhill where the Squad Player of the Year Award plus the Allen Gales Award went to Harvey James. . At Heathfield the Squad Player of the Year-voted by the players, went to Tristan Hyland and the Bexhill Heathfield Squad the Player of the year-voted by the coaches plus the Kevin Marquiss Award also went to Ryan Burdett. This is the first time that two awards have been presented to the same players. Due to the current Coronavirus situation, William presented Harvey’s trophies at his home.’

‘Four players gained the new Coaching Foundation Qualification. Adam Newberry and Abbey Spencer. Zara Hyland & Bradley Lynam also gained theirs but were unavailable due to injuries. Also in the picture is Jessica Newbery who qualified two seasons ago was home from Uni.’

Eastbourne Squad 2019‐20

Tom & Ryan


Sean & Ryan

Sean & Tristan


Adam & Georgia

Adam, Jessica & Abbey

Heathfield Squad 2019‐20

Heathfield Squad – April 2018

‘The U18 Heathfield Squad ended the season with an internal tournament and awards were presented to the Squad’s Players of the Year.  Squad Player of the Year went to Abbey Spencer and the Coaches’ Player of the Year went to Callum Napier.  The pictures show the full squad and their individual achievements during the year plus the two Player of The Year recipients, Abbey and Callum with Chairman, William’


Heathfield Squad with coaches Sean and Nick

APRIL 2017

Bexhill Squad – April 2017

Bexhill Squad – Players of the Year and Tournament winners

Eastbourne Squad – April 2017

Heathfield Squad – April 2017

Squad – Heathfield – April 2016

Eastbourne Squad – April 2016

squad – May 2015

squad – May 2015

Squad – 2013/14

Squad – March 2013

Squad – Feb 2013

2011-12 Eastbourne Squad

2011/12 squad

Squad photos – March 2011

2010/11 Squad

2009/10 Squad


Owen West-Bourne – Joint

Sophie Kelly

Greg Thompson

2008/9 Squad

East Sussex

East Sussex

East Sussex


ESBJA under 11s

ESBJA under 13s

Hastings Squad

Nov 2005 –  teams v Surrey