Steve Butler Training Day

On Saturday 25th April, the East Sussex Junior Badminton Association was treated to a day of coaching from ex International player/coach Steve Butler, assisted by current England International player Tracey Hallum, at the Beacon Community College, Crowborough. Steve presented the youngsters a programme based upon ‘Technique & Timing’. Youngsters from all over East Sussex participated in this exciting opportunity to work with their coaches and the two England Internationals.

EnglandSteve Butler, earned 75 Caps as an England International, was Commonwealth Games Team Gold medalist, England Junior Coach for 4 Years and the England National Coach for 2.5 Years. To everyone’s surprise Steve brought with him current England International player Tracey Hallum, and between them demonstrated what dedicated training and enjoyment could be achieved.

William Brown, Vice Chairman of the Association said, ‘Most of our players were exhausted at the end of the session. They all worked very hard and Steve and Tracey were very pleased with the exceptional effort and talent our players showed. It was a unique opportunity for our youngsters to meet and see what can be achieved.’

The Association is looking to repeat a similar session, and Steve has invited then to play a friendly match with Warwickshire.