TEAM Challenge Event Results 2017

TEAM Challenge Event Results 2017

U13 Winners – Worthing Juniors (Joel Butler, Zach Blake, Drew Hammersley, Lily Wingrove, Yohansa Bandaranayake, Aryaki Saykhedkar)

U13 Runners Up –  Lewes BC (Samuel Farley, Gabriel Penrose, Xavier Leggo, Lara Hammond, Bridget Rawson)

U15-17 Winners – ESJBA (Jessica Newberry, Georgia Thomas, Abbey Spencer, Alex Pusey, Nathan Davidson, Ryan Burdett)

U15-17 Runners Up – St Johns BC (Abigail Colley, Kimberley Dawson, Kelvin Chan, Dominic Burns, Tim Gray)

I can count the number of times on both...

St. Johns team briefing

We've tried everything else!

Wish I had worn my other shirt now.

Worthing and Managers

Lewes and Managers

Forest and Managers

ESJBA with Team Manager



William Brown, ESJBA Chairman said ‘Once again, our team of organizers has come up trumps with a winning format to engage the youngsters.  The meticulous planning from Eastbourne Coach Martin was excellent and the strategy of our U17 Manager, Sean, gained us a deserving win.  This has been our third year of running and already the clubs have asked to take part next year.’


St Johns and Managers

Martin’ Forest Team Manager, Gill Fareham reported ‘Our players enjoyed the format and supporting their team, with the choices when to use the ‘powerplay’ shuttlecocks. The venue and the organisation were very good too.

St John’s team Manager, Nigel Perry quoted, ‘Outstanding work by you and the team yet again.’

Worthing Junior Team Manager, Chris Brierley also said ‘We thought the venue was excellent, it was good that parents could sit and view the courts from above, helped our parents who had players in both age groups!